We specialize in creating advanced fluid simulation solutions as a high-quality experience for animation, illustration or virtual reality.

We are among the best at all-in-one solutions for simulating blood, fire, smoke, liquids, gas, ocean waves, splashes, spray, mist, powder, solids transportation and more.




With our interactive tools you can increase engagement with a target audience by allowing them to interact with the training material itself through visual learning.

This is your opportunity to enhance your Training and Competence Development while reducing your costs.





A 3D animation, real-time visualization or an illustration can improve the experience and understanding of a product. It will make your idea feel alive and assist in demonstrating and explaining your product, concept or complex R&D vision for internal and external presentations.


Visual storytelling will make your information clear and memorable to your audience! It is an excellent tool for reflecting a company's values and core message, and it can be customized to have a desired emotional impact. It is a well-known fact that a visual demonstration of how a medical device, drug or a machine is functioning will indeed add to commercial success. Your product will stand out.





With mode-of-action animation or VR we can fly around a virtual human body – travel with red blood cells along arteries or down the windpipe and into the lungs to illustrate respiratory issues at a molecule level.





As the global leader in digital storytelling, MediaMedic provides state-of-the-art solutions to industrial, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies through specialization in 3D rendering, animation, mode-of-action, advanced fluid simulation, 360° interactive and XR solutions.


Our ambition is to be the best by focusing on your company's individual needs and providing support and assistance throughout the creation process - from your initial idea to the finished work product.


We have a dedicated Danish team among Project Manager, Medical Advisor, Unreal Engine and Unity developer, Animation, CFD developers, ensuring a diverse but specialized skill set, making it possible for us to handle all aspects of your task.


Our work and rendering are done in-house from our offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, equipped with an Extended Reality XR showroom with VIVE Cosmos Elite and Focus Plus VR Headsets and HoloLens 2, ensuring a productive working relationship with clients without missing a global input.


Our clients include major Danish and international organizations such as

Alfa Laval A/S, DTU, Danfoss A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S and many others.


Whatever your task – we have a solution!











We provide VR either through a designated headset or on your personal computer








Specialized in creative, professional, online and interactive remote solutions

For training, education, events, R&D and much more


  • Experience various interactive features & benefits
  • Improve the training and education of your employees through virtual learning
  • Provide your clients with a detailed view of your products in 3D
  • Disassemble your products to evaluate every component
  • Reduce your costs


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animation, visualization and VR in business


For automation, LIVE Remote Service, sales and much more


We specialize in creating augmented reality solutions – building virtual versions of real life products or scenes!

  • Users are able to interact with virtual content in the real world merely by using a smart-phone or tablet
  • A simple tool for illustrating your ideas to key stakeholders at formal as well as informal presentations
  • Access Live Remote Service by Microsoft HoloLens 2





Showing how a product, device or drug is going to be used in the industry or by a patient or health care provider through a film will increase the likelihood of a satisfied customer and successful treatment outcome. Many clients around the world have benefited from our productions which includes company and/or product presentations and interviews with Key Opinion Leaders.





Henrik Bastius Kristensen

Program Manager at Alfa Laval A/S


Working with MediaMedic is a wonderful and professional experience. During more than a year, they have been producing 3D animations of decanter centrifuges for our different applications, and now we have taken the next step into Virtual Reality. In that period our relationship has grown from typical supplier-client to a partnership in the sense, that MediaMedic  is now working very independently on our project based on limited and sometimes scattered input. We are a large matrix based company, and it is not easy to get all project people together at the same time. MediaMedic easily overcomes that and they work efficiently and always deliver quality on time. They keep deadlines, give suggestions and all in all; they do much more than you would expect. So if you are looking for an agile and flexible supplier of such services, you have come to the right company.

Fabio Giuliani

Digital Marketing Specialist presso at Alfa Laval, Italy


MediaMedic is a very professional company!

I worked with them about an Interactive Virtual Reality project.

They supported us with training and implementation of Interactive Virtual Reality.

It has been a real pleasure to work with them.

I hope to have other opportunities in future to cooperate again!

MediaMedic are the best partners that we can find in regard to Interactive Virtual Reality. *****

Aaron Holtzman

Senior Product Manager at Novo Nordisk Canada


I have been nothing but delighted with all the work I have done with MediaMedic.

Final products have been great, timing has been achieved, and costs have       been very competitive — one of my favourite agency partners.

Claus Villadsen

Corporate Product Manager at Ambu A/S


I have had the pleasure to cooperate with MediaMedic on a project initially scoped to deliver a single 3D animation for a recently launched medical device. Throughout the process of scoping and developing the animation, MediaMedic was responsive and flexible. The sparring was competent, and the outcome was highly satisfactory, and on time. Within the budgetary confinements, I feel that Ambu received great value for money. The animation has been highly appraised, and I would choose MediaMedic again.

Maria Elisabeta Salcudean

Marketing at Danfoss Semco A/S Fire Protection


Woking with MediaMedic has proved to be a great collaboration.

The result has met our expectation from all points of view: high-quality, professionalism, meeting strict deadlines. Co-operating with MediaMedic was effortless. I appreciated the attention to details and promptitude in taking action. They were open to our ideas, but creatively their suggestions lead to a great video. MediaMedic proved to take a great deal of care in making sure that the final result is of the best quality.

Bettina Metzler

Manager, New Business Biomaterials at Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S


I had the pleasure of working with MediaMedic on a project that involved a new product; Certa Catheter™, a novel concept for performing continuous peripheral nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance.

MediaMedic quickly understood the clinical area and the clinical context which was an enormously beneficial in developing educational tools. This translated into an understanding of the needs of the users. MediaMedic delivered high-quality animations which were orchestrated very well into educational movies.

MediaMedic delivered on time, was available 24/7, listened to feedback       and provided guidance and adjusted whenever it was needed based           upon feedback. I had confidence in MediaMedic throughout the process.

I am happy to say that the result is beautiful!


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